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Call for Consultancy-Media content Analysis

Call for Consultancy-Media content Analysis

Job: Consultant – Media Content Analysis



Global Rights Alert is a leading Non Governmental Organization addressing natural resource governance in Uganda. Established in 2008, GRA works to promote good governance in the management of Uganda's Oil, Gas and Minerals. With human rights based approach in our interventions, GRA supports local communities’ access to information and creates platforms for citizens' participation in decision making. Further, because natural resource governance and exploitation often increases human rights risks and violations, GRA facilitates communities affected by natural resource exploitation to access justice.


In partnership with national and global actors, the organisation advocates for the implementation of Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).


GRA supports communities by building their capacity to; advocate for transparency and accountability; monitor human rights trends and give them skills to support the country's development programs. Building on human rights standards and principles, GRA works to ensure there is inclusion and equality in development processes with specific reach to marginalized groups such as the poor; women, children and youth.

Because free and informed civic engagement is an essential element for development in any democratic nation, GRA works to ensure that there is space for non state actors- including citizens as individuals or in organised groups to speak, fulfil their responsibilities and hold duty bearers to account.


Principal Objective of the Assignment

Global Rights Alert is calling for a consultant to conduct a media content analysis to understand the oil gas and mining trends as captured by the media over the past five years.

GRA has been documenting Oil and gas related stories as they appeared in the news paper for over 5 years now. We seek to undertake an analysis of the same to understand the coverage/discussions around the subject, to enable us position our communication strategy better so as to actively and constructively engage within the sector.


Terms of Reference for Content Analysis Consultant

  • Review newspaper articles on natural resources from January 2013 – July 2016 and segregate them for easy use.
  • Identify Medium or channel of communication most used, story placement/prominence of article (front page, middle), Article category (news, feature, letter, opinion)
  • Review the content composition of articles/issues broadly reported and issues that are missing out in the reports
  • Identify sourcing of the articles (local, foreign-sources quoted reference to global research) and the composition of journalists (male/female, most prominent reporters and their capacity)
  • Identify major actors in the articles who are shaping the agenda – government voice, CSO voices, community voices, private companies
  • Identify if duty barriers are meeting their role of ensuring access to information or if secrecy is still looming large in the oil sector
  • Produce a thorough report from the analysis giving recommendations which opportunities GRA can take advantage of in ensuring there is improved access to information on Uganda’s extractives.


The assignment will employ mix of both quantitative and qualitative methods. Specifically, the assignment will include;

  • Comprehensive analysis of the media content
  • Capture pertinent issues which have been ignored
  • Recommendations and proposed strategies for the key issues identified
  • Review what’s available, Liaise with seasoned writers /journalists and others to ensure all articles were captured
  • Have interviews FGD where necessary

Time frame: Four months


The ideal consultant should have demonstrated

  • Excellent analytical, interpersonal and report writing skills.
  • Knowledge of the oil, gas  sector in Uganda
  • Experience in  gender, governance, Human right and policy analysis


The complete set of 4 documents (CV, prior assignments, both narratives and financial proposal) must be submitted by email to or hand delivery Kamure Park, Plot 128, Old Kiira Road, Bukoto Not later than 15th August 2016, at 5:00pm


Event Details

  • Event Date:
    Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 16:15 to Wednesday, August 17, 2016 - 16:15