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About Global Rights Alert

Global Rights Alert (GRA) is the leading Non-Governmental Organization working to promote good governance of Uganda's natural resources. This encompasses oil, gas, metallic minerals, land, forests, water bodies, as well as flora and fauna.

Working with local communities, GRA facilitates access to information and provides platforms for participation. Because natural resource governance and exploitation can more often increase human rights risks and violations, GRA facilitates communities in natural resource rich areas to access justice. 

We support communities by building their capacity to advocate for transparency and accountability, monitor human rights trends and give them skills to meaningfully support the country's development programmes. Building on human rights standards and principles, GRA works to ensure that the livelihoods of vulnerable groups particularly women and children are promoted and protected.


In implementing all the organizational plans, GRA is guided by the following core values:

  • The passion to serve the community
  • Result oriented management 
  • Team work
  • Managing GRA as a learning organization