Becoming a knowledge sharing organisation: Announcing our new Knowledge Management Initiative

As we start the quarter, GRA is proud to announce the launch of our knowledge management initiative. Knowledge is a crucial focus/ differentiator for GRA, and as such an integral part of the work we do, And in working with so many of our partners and collaborators, we feel we have a fantastic opportunity to improve our work continually. So we recently launched an inward-looking initiative to strengthen our knowledge management capabilities.


"GRA seeks to position itself as a key player with the requisite institutional capacity to make valuable contributions that enhance the extractives sector's good governance. This program, therefore, ensures that our institutional capacity continues to grow to enable the organization to provide critical leadership in the sector work while at the same time investing in building the capacity of partners at the local level." (GRA Strategic Plan)


We want to ensure GRA becomes a knowledge hub and fulfills the strategic role of brokering knowledge and experience by placing appropriate mechanisms to support extensive evidence gathering and learning. The knowledge management initiative will contribute to improving knowledge management by systematically helping GRA capture program data as evidence, storing program data for easy access and referral, and sharing knowledge and feedback internally and externally. We are excited as we embark on this journey. Anticipated outcomes of our investments in knowledge management include being better able to:

  • Capture, store, and re-use essential information;
  • Avoiding reinventing the wheel by leverage existing knowledge and research into use;
  • Retain expertise and skills;
  • Shorten the learning cycle for our new team members, and
  • Enhance the productivity of our teams and broader sector collaboration.


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