GRA celebrates gender champions

Alice Kazimura’s resolve to champion gender inclusiveness in the extractives sector is unmatched. A touring energetic force to be reckoned with, Alice mobilises women in her village of Kakindo in Buliisa district to take advantage of entrepreneurship and skills trainings that come to Buliisa. She has also sensitized women on their land rights in the wake of compulsory land acquisition for oil activities in her district.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Alice is a member of the secretariat for Buliisa Woman’s Development Group. Alice pooled money together and purchased catering equipment. When she gets contracts to provide catering services to the groups that visit her oil reach district, Alice hires women in her community. These women have gone on to start their own catering businesses and demand increases in the wake of increasing oil activities.

It was no surprised that when GRA celebrated its gender champions, Alice was the first in line.

To mark the 5 years of advocacy for gender equality and human rights, GRA held a 2 day celebration of the remarkable men and women who have not only supported us to successfully implement our projects, but also have undertaken tasks to ensure that the local women and men in the oil rich districts are not only accessing information on the developments in their region but also ensuring community participation.

At the conclusion of 2016, these interventions had seen the creation of 4 women groups and the engagement of over 10 women groups on business and entrepreneurship skills, over 1000 women trained on their rights to property and most significantly, the recognition of gender roles in the compulsory land acquisition process.

These two days initiated a renewed activism for the continued recognition of women’s rights on land especially as the development of the oil, gas and minerals industry continues to develop.

The day was celebrated in partnership with Kakindo Orphans Care, LAKWADO, BUWODA in Buliisa and Kwataniza Women’s Group and the National Association for Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) in Hoima, Buliisa and Mubende Districts.