Monitor Forms Community Action Team

Prior to becoming a monitor, Richard Tusiime, aged 23 was the chairperson Youth Council in Kiziranfumbi Sub County. His work was to mobilize the youth for development programs like savings groups.

In July, 2016, Richard was among the new recruits under GRA’s Community-Based Monitoring Program. With the knowledge on rights he has obtained as a monitor, Richard has handled over 8 cases, 5 of which have been successfully resolved.

Some of the referrals he has made include providing communities with information on the route of pipeline and when will it be constructed. Along with other community-based monitors in Kiziranfumbi, Richard has been sensitizing communities on land and property rights.

In March 2017, Richard mobilized a group of 18 youth and elderly from his community and they formed a citizen voice and action team. The team’s aim is to demand for social accountability from its leaders for services like health, education, better roads and food security.

The team has collected cases of absenteeism of teachers, especially in primary schools, and conflict between school management and the school administration. These have been shared with the district education service committee for resolution. As a result, there has been reduced conflict and more collaboration between the school management and administration.