Natural Resources Committee releases reports on oil Bills

In February 2012, the Petroleum (Refining, Gas Processing and Conversion, Transportation and Storage) Bill 2012 and the Petroleum (Exploration, Development and Production) Bill 2012 were introduced to the Ugandan Parliament.

The bills were considered by the Parliamentary Natural Resources Committee and after several months of collecting evidence and consulting with stakeholders including Global Rights Alert (GRA), the committee issued and presented to Parliament their recommendations for consideration and adoption by the house. Debate on the same is currently ongoing.

Civil society appreciates that some of their recommendations were taken into consideration. However, it is not satisfied because a lot of the fundamental issues they raised during the public consultations by the committee have still not been reflected in the Committee report.

Civil Society in a bid to continue advocating for good governance of the oil and gas sector have come up to make certain that the recommendations ignored by the Committee are addressed if good legislation is to be realized. The flaws have been highlighted and brought to the attention of the public through a press statement.