Total Responds to the Human Rights Impact Assessment report on East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project

Last year, GRA together with its partners Oxfam International, Civic Response on Environment and Development (CRED) and Northern Coalition for Extractives and Environment (NCEE) published a report that came as a result of a community centred study carried out to investigate and document the actual and potential Human Rights risks associated with the development of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). The report also provided meaningful and workable recommendations to the governments and Oil companies involved in the project on how to mitigate the adverse impacts of the project, uphold human rights of communities directly affected, and promote inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability to all stakeholders. We are glad to announce that this report was received by Total which has since come out and recently released a detailed report not only responding to the human rights concerns but also committing to many of the recommendations in the report. GRA welcomes this and we shall continue to drive initiatives that spur constructive engagement on how our natural resources can be developed in ways that do not compromise on the human rights of communities and limit equal access to the benefits of all.