Trailblazing: Honouring Our Executive Director, Winfred Ngabiirwe, One of Africa’s 100 impactful women in Development

Hats off to Winnie Ngabiirwe, the Executive Director of Global Rights Alert who was named among 100 Impactful African Women in Development by Donors For Africa Foundation.  The 2020 award recognizes outstanding African female leaders who have made exceptional contributions to the broader community through service & engagement. These are women who are advancing the African continent's development agenda through their work in local communities. Their outstanding leadership and tireless advocacy are having lasting impacts far and wide.


Under Winnie's leadership, GRA's work has solidified and is grounded in inclusiveness and is providing spaces that ordinary Ugandans are using to cause change. With the mission to make natural resources benefit the people, Winnie, and her team are working to ensure that people whose land is rich in minerals such as gold, oil, and gas, as well as those that host industry developments are at the table as investment plans are being discussed, executed and better use of resources for the benefit of all citizens. We congratulate Winnie and proudly acknowledge the ongoing work and leadership of the many women leaders in the human rights sector and those working toward supporting sustainable and equitable management of extractives.


Mrs. Chidi Koldsweat, the Founder, Donors for Africa Foundation, says, "These women were nominated, selected and celebrated based on their impact and commitment towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Every woman on that list can be identified and tangible results seen in their local communities as making a difference. We were also careful to identify women in the formal development sector who may not be founders but are equally using their skills and competence to create life-changing results.”


Here is a link to the whole list: Donors for Africa foundation list of Africa's 100 impactful women in Development