The Voice Annual Linking and Learning Event

Last quarter, GRA joined a group of Voice grantees in a 2-day Linking and Learning event. Linking and learning is a Voice facilitated program that bring grantees and the various voice project stakeholders together to share and learn about each other’s work and challenges so that none can be left behind. The event, which was hybrid in nature gave GRA the opportunity to share about its project that aims at harnessing Diversity for an inclusive EITI agenda for Uganda. Together with the project stakeholders, we shared about our interventions, project achievements, challenges and also learn from the other voice grantees and stakeholders. The fascinating thing about the event is that it provided an opportunity for all grantees and stakeholders to share their experiences in-depth and through this we managed to learn from each other, exchange ideas and collaboratively innovate and generate new knowledge on transforming lives of the communities we seek to serve.