Our mission is to ensure that natural resources benefit all people equitably

Our vision is an ecosystem where resources are managed sustainably

  • Team Work
  • Non-discrimination
  • Integrity
  • Agility

Global Rights Alert Initiatives Ltd (GRA) is a reputable civil society organization committed to upholding and promoting human rights. Through its various programmes and initiatives, GRA seeks to empower communities to take charge of their development and fight against any form of injustice or discrimination that may hinder their progress. The organization's primary focus is on building community agency and promoting equitable distribution of benefits, to achieve sustainable development and improve the quality of life for all.

GRA seeks to ensure that natural resource benefits are distributed fairly among all stakeholders, including local communities, indigenous groups, and other marginalized groups, in a way that results in equitable socio-economic development.


At Global Rights Alert, we are committed to empowering communities to participate actively in decision-making, negotiating fair benefit sharing, and fighting against human rights risks associated with natural resource exploitation and development processes. Our work involves bringing together resource-rich host communities and stakeholders within the oil, gas and minerals sector to promote accountability and inclusive development. We recognize the devastating effects of climate change on our communities and believe that transitioning to sustainable energy sources is crucial to mitigating its impact. We are dedicated to working with partners to ensure that this transition is comprehensive, just, and prioritizes the needs of vulnerable communities. By promoting environmental justice and smart renewable technologies, we can create a better society for ourselves and future generations.