• Golden Voices in Gold in Mining

    This documentary highlights the plight of women involved in gold mining in Uganda.

  • Activists ask government to help resolve land wrangles in oil-rich areas

    Watch NTV Tonight news clip about the continuous torture of people in Rwamutonga village, Hoima district who were evicted from their 485 acres of land by Businessman Joshua Tibagwa and Robinah Kusiima to pave way for the construction of an oil waste management facility by McAlester Energy Resources LTD, a US based firm.

  • HOIMA: 200 families evicted to pave way for Oil waste planet

    Over two 200 families, with at least 700 people have been rendered homeless after they were evicted from their at Lwamutonga village in Buhaguzi county, Hoima District. They claim to to be bona-fide occupants of the land measuring over 700 hectares. But a family that claims to be the rightful owners of the land is reclaiming it for sale to a company planning to construct an oil waste management plant on it. NTV UGANDA

  • Our Oil, Our Choice

    This video from Global Rights Alert is an in-depth exploration of the many issues facing Uganda as it begins oil production in the Albertine region. Through commentary and debate with government ministers, civil society leaders, MPs, activists, and community members, GRA examines pressing concerns about corruption, poor management, environmental risks, and threats to livelihoods. If revenues are used responsibly and equitably there is immense potential for development, but the government must ensure that oil is used for the benefit of all people.