Jun 15th, 2024

International day of Women in Mining

Jun 15th, 2024

The International Day of Women in Mining is observed annually on June 15th. This day is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the contributions of women in the mining industry worldwide. It aims to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities faced by women working in the mining sector and to promote gender equality and inclusivity in the industry.

Mining has traditionally been a male-dominated field, but women have been increasingly entering and making significant contributions to various aspects of the mining industry, including exploration, extraction, processing, and management. However, women in mining often face unique challenges, such as gender discrimination, limited access to training and career advancement opportunities, and health and safety risks.

The International Day of Women in Mining provides an opportunity to highlight the achievements of women in the mining sector, showcase their expertise and leadership, and advocate for policies and practices that support gender diversity and inclusion in the industry. It also serves as a platform for networking, mentorship, and knowledge-sharing among women in mining and their allies.

Various events and initiatives are organized around the world on the International Day of Women in Mining, including conferences, workshops, panel discussions, awards ceremonies, and community outreach activities. These activities aim to raise awareness, inspire action, and foster a more inclusive and equitable mining industry that harnesses the talents and contributions of women to drive sustainable development and positive change.